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This indisputably is the signature hole at Mohawk. The tiara of traps was part of a redesign by A.F. "Bill" Knight, the Club's famous inventor-golfer. Subsequently, the growth of the surrounding trees, the creation of the pond, and the refurbishing of traps have collectively made the Punchbowl one of the most beautiful, unique, and distinctive holes in the country. It's a short par-3, and accurate club selection is essential. Double bogies are at least as common as pars, but No. 15 is also the most readily "aced" of Mohawk's three par-3s. On average, the hole gives way to about three holes-in-one per year.

Plaques near the tee honor both Bill Knight and a former president, John F. Cronin, in whose memory the area has been beautifully landscaped.

Hole 15