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Some observers have called it the best opening hole in the Northeast; to Mohawk's members, the first hole is known as the toughest par 4 - and the toughest par - on the course. With the fairway on either side closely guarded, this hole requires long, accurate drives off the tee. For many golfers, the second shot can be a considerable stretch; however a drive down the left side leaves one with a good look at the gently sloping green. While not a large target, the green is accessible and affords players their first chance to acclimate themselves to Mohawks' notoriously fast greens. Ask most members, and they'll tell you that while a bogey on the first hole won't ruin your day, a par will put you one up on the field.

A plaque behind the tee notes that in 1968, during the observance of his 50th anniversary at Mohawk, Hole No. 1 was dedicated to longtime course pro James K. Thomson.

Hole 1